4LB Fireline Crystal .005 IN/.12MM DIA 50 YRD

Fireline is a pre-waxed, braided cord consisting of gel-spun polyethylene which is known as the strongest fiber, per diameter, ever created. The 4 & 6 lb. tests will fit a #12 English beading needle.

FireLine microfused braided bead thread is the designer's choice for stringing and weaving projects. This popular jewelry-making thread does not stretch or tangle, threads effortlessly and resists abrasion.

Color: Crystal
Diameter: .005in
Length: 50 yards
Strength: 4Lb
SKU: 12438



  • Type: Cord
  • Color: Clear
  • Option: Spool
  • Spool Size: 50YD
  • Width: 0.000mm
  • Height: 0.000mm
  • Length: 0.000mm
  • Weight: 0.500oz