2mm Gold Filled Beaded Bracelet - 6.5"

Currently Unavailable
Made from the same quality of our 14K Gold Filled beads. Item is guaranteed not to tarnish. Knot is not visible.

Our Gold Filled Finished Products are tarnish resistant. They are of superior quality, composed of a solid layer of 14KT Gold that is bonded to a base metal. Gold Filled does not de-laminate, peel, or tarnish as readily as other materials.
SKU: 12352

  • Material: Gold Filled
  • Finish: Gold Filled
  • Shop For: Womens
  • Bracelets: Bracelets
  • Bead Size: 2mm
  • Material: Gold Filled
  • Width: 2.000mm
  • Height: 2.000mm
  • Length: 6.500in
  • Weight: 0.060oz