14mm Green Banded Agate - Round

Agate is a common semiprecious variety of chalcedony that occurs in bands of varying color and transparency. Agate is said to promote love, abundance, wealth, good luck, courage, strength and longevity. Agate is a variety of Chalcedony. Agate is produced in several western states; such as, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana.

Zodiac - Gemini, Virgo
Planet - Moon
Element - Earth
Vibration - Number 7
SKU: 13407



  • Size: 12mm
  • Color: Green
  • Type: Round
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Width: 12.000mm
  • Height: 12.000mm
  • Length: 15.000in
  • Weight: 1.680oz